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Welcome to is all about you, your motorcycle, and your ride.  It is about your life on the road.  It is about freedom, adventure, and wanderlust.  It is about brotherhood, camaraderie, and solidarity.  Your ride could be spontaneous or planned, with or without a destination or purpose in mind.  You could choose a warm sunny day or a day more appropriate for ducks and amphibians.  You could drag your pegs on steep mountain curves, or enjoy an awesome, endless desert road that lures you toward an incredible sunset or sunrise.  Whatever you prefer, whatever you choose, it always remains about you, your motorcycle, and your ride.  For you are the American Biker, and your ride is the American Journey.  Ours is a way of life, a passion, perhaps even an obsession, for the more than ten million motorcyclists who enjoy the four million miles of public roads in America. proudly presents The Great American National Cyber Motorcycle Show™.  No more brick and mortar shows limited in time and place.  No lines, no crowds, and no admission fees to view some awe-inspiring custom bikes and to check out some hard to find vendors.  We are America's first, online cyber motorcycle show and we are open 24 x 7, offering you better prices, the convenience of online shopping, and quick access to some of America’s most incredible motorcycle dealers and custom cycle builders, parts, clothing, protective gear, accessories, and insurance.


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Endnote LLC is a 100% veteran owned and operated small business that is passionate about serving veterans and enjoying life on the road with our motorcycles, loved ones, and pets.  Please explore our website and join us on our social media, because they are intended to tell you about some of the exciting things other motorcyclists are doing and to provide you quick and easy access to some of America’s best motorcycle dealers and custom cycle builders, tour agencies, safety and skills training, parts, clothing, protective gear, accessories, shows, events, rallies, festivals, scavenger hunts, epic journeys, rides, restaurants to visit for rides-to-eat, must places to visit, lodging, clubs, insurance, and tools for travel planning.  Also, sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter The Patriot and you will automatically be entered to win one of four monthly giveaways and one of three great prizes during our semiannual sweepstakes!  Subscribers also have other benefits, such as free classifieds and special vendor discounts.


We hope you enjoy our website, our newsletter, and our social media, and that they help you, your loved ones, and your pets enjoy a lifetime of safe motorcycling.  Ride hard, ride far, ride often, ride with us, and ride safe! LLC is 100% veteran owned and operated,

and we donate 10% of all of our profits to veterans charities!

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Selected events and rides.

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