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Travel and Route Planners  This online road trip planner is the best way to discover, plan, and navigate your next road trip.  It creates travel

     itineraries that identify some of the best places and experiences along the way to choose from.  Smart phone apps are also

     available.  Roadtrippers.  Travel Planner and Directions, American Automobile Association.  Route Planner, Mapquest.  Speed Limits in the United States.  Wikipedia.
On the Road  This smart phone application is extremely useful on the road!  It tells you in real time how far off upcoming exits,

     gas stations, restaurants, points of interest, and other businesses are when riding on America's interstates.  Can also be used to plan

     your trip before you are on the road.  iExit.
Traffic  National Traffic and Road Closure Information, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department

     of Transportation.  This website is an association of 25 toll agencies in 15 states that operates the extremely successful E-ZPass

     electronic toll collection program.  E-ZPass Group.
Weather  A great forecast tool for travel planning that let's you select your travel locations

     and dates with multiple waypoints.  Weather Underground.  A great forecast tool for travel planning that let's you select your travel

     locations and dates.  The Weather Bug.  One of the most comprehensive and interactive weather tools online, especially for extended forecasts.  Has a great

     tool for quickly reviewing the weather conditions for cities along an interstate and a tool that forecasts regional and national road delays and

     severe weather.  Intellicast.  Great for quick local weather and forecasts. LLC.  National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Detailed weather conditions by airport, National Oceanic and Atmospheric

     Administration.  Interactive Weather Maps.  Includes very helpful drop down menus for local and national

     forecasts as well as national severe weather forecasts.  The Weather Channel.  Heat hazard and heat index information.  National Weather Service, National Oceanic and

     Atmospheric Administration.  Heat stress and relative humidity vs. temperature charts.  University of Princeton.  Heat stress and relative humidity vs. temperature charts.  National Weather Service, National

     Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Wind chill and temperature vs. wind speed charts.  National Weather Service, National Oceanic and

     Atmospheric Administration.  This is a great depiction of the wind currents in the United States.  A collaboration website of Fernanda Viegas

     and Martin Wattenberg.


Location  Degrees, Minutes, Seconds and Decimal Degrees Latitude/Longitude

     Conversions.  Federal Communications Commission.
Laws  For sure, helmets make riding less dangerous, but motorcycle

     helmet laws vary widely among the states.  This resource provides a table and a map that summarizes motorcycle helmet laws

     as of September 2014.  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute.  State Motorcycle Laws.  American Motorcycle Association.  Digest of Motor Laws.  Provides a drop-down menu on the right to view various types of motorcycle

     laws.  American Motorcycle Association.

Travel Tools. 

There are more than ten million registered motorcycles enjoying the four million miles of public roads in America.  This resource is intended to help you plan your ride as safely, efficiently, and as fun as possible by providing access to information about traffic; weather; road construction; driving and laws unique to motorcycling; traffic and severe weather notices;  latitude/longitude conversion tools; heat indexes; humidity vs. temperature charts; heat vs. speed charts; mapping; and useful applications for your smart phones.  We do not try to list every tool here, just the ones that we believe to be the most useful, that are the easiest to use, and do not require a lot of signups.  If you have a favorite travel tool not posted here, please email a description of it to us through our Contact Us page.