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Dedicated to our fallen brothers and sisters.  May they all forever ride in peace.  

Safety Note 1: Know the Rules.

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Safety Notes. 
A serious but completely random and serendipitous posting of my thoughts on safety.  These notes are not prepared by a safety expert, but are posted and intended to simply make us all think more about safety before we hit the road and to make us focus on safety while riding.  Remember,
motorcycling can be an inherently dangerous activity.   Safe motorcycling and rider safety is the full and sole responsibility of the rider. LLC does, however, strongly urge all riders to wear a suitable protective jacket, pants, gloves, boots, and a DOT-approved helmet whenever riding.  Many refer to this as ATGATT:  All the Gear, All the Time.  All riders should also be aware of their personal riding limitations and how their health may impact the length or difficulty of a planned ride.