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Describe, organize, share, or fantasize about your favorite ride with other motorcyclists.  Multi-month, self-directed rides are listed first, then the rest are listed chronologically.  Non-profit, charitable, and fundraising rides are posted free.  Nominal posting charges apply to all other events.  Information about rides or questions about those listed below may be submitted to us through our Contact Us page.


Multi-Month, Self-Directed Rides

20150215 - 20151031.  Whispering Giants Grand Tour.  This is a really unique challenge!  A Whispering Giant

                    is a giant wood carving honoring Native Americans created by the artist Peter Wolf Toth.  These giant

                    wood carvings are in all 50 states and parts of Canada. Each carving honors the Native Americans

                    who reside or once resided in the area.  You must research the locations of the Whispering Giants and

                    earn points by taking a picture of your rally flag and motorcycle with a Whispering Giant.

20150401 - 20151020.  The Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia is a gateway for all participants to enjoy the

                    beautiful state of Virginia while providing a statewide promotion of Virginia’s attractions, restaurants,

                    motorcycle dealers, and lodging facilities.

20150401 - 20151031.  The Tour of Honor.  49 states.  300 memorials.  You, your motorcycle, and a great reason

                    to ride.  Check out this amazing season long, self-directed ride that honors and benefits our first

                    responders and veterans!

20150401 - 20151031.  2015 Mileage Mania!  This is a "simple" mileage challenge.  There are no bonus locations

                    to ride to, no fuel logs to keep, no maps to file.  Just ride and whoever accumulates the most

                    motorcycle miles wins!


January 2016


February 2016

201602xx - 201602xx.  Patagonia, AZ.  Arizona Rough Road Ride.  Three days of riding through pavement,

                    gravel, mining, and ranch roads punctuated with dodging cactus and other thorny trees in some

                    sand and gravel washes; bush guards highly recommended.  


March 2016

​201603xx - 201603xx.  Jasper, AL - Tupelo, MS.  Rock-n-Ride Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt.  This is a 10-hour,

                    music-themed, motorcycle scavenger hunt visiting locations in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

201603xx - 201603xx.  Houston, MS.  Mississippi Rough Road Ride.  Three days of guided rides through the

                    national forest, farm country, and small towns of northern Mississippi. 


April 2016

201604xx - 201604xx.  Brownsville, TN - Frostproof, FL - Geneva, NY - Wilmington, NC.

                   2015 Final Cape Fear 1000 Rally.  This is actually two rides, a 29-hour rally and a 10-event that are

                   closed to the public, but it is a very interesting challenge.  Check it out in case you want to create such

                   a ride yourself, especially since this is the final year for this rally!

201604xx - 201604xx.  Fredericksburg, TX.  The Heart of Texas Rally.  This annual scavenger hunt offers a

                   12-hour and a 54-hour event, Texas style.

​20160430 - 20160430.  Blacksburg, VA.  Annual Spirit Ride to Blacksburg to help raise awareness and funds 

                   for the Va Tech Foundation 32 Named Memorial Endowments Fund that provides scholarships 

                   in the names of each of the 32 victims for deserving students to attend Va Tech, thereby forever  

                   perpetuating the names of those lost on that fateful day in April 2007.   


May 2016

201605xx - 201605xx.  Everywhere, USA.  International Female Ride Day.  IFRD Facebook page.  This ride

                   is a campaign for women motorcycle riders intended to highlight and profile the many numbers of

                   woman riders who enjoy the sport.

201605xx - 201605xx.  Surrency, Ga.  Ed's Last Resort Rally.  This 12-hour rally is has plenty of opportunity

                   for good ole southern barbecue and lots of other great food.  

201605xx - 201605xx.  Martinsburg, WV.  Mason Dixon 20/20.  This is one of the premier endurance rallies of

                   the long distance communities.  It benefits the Johns Hopkins Childrens' Center.  

​201605xx - 201605xx.  Washington, D.C.   The Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom.  A demonstration to educate,

                   facilitate, and never forget U.S. service members that were abandoned after the Vietnam War.  It is

                   now a display of patriotism and respect for all who defend our country.


June 2016

201606xx - 201606xx.  Everywhere, USA.  2015 Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day.


July 2016


August 2016

201608xx - 201608xx.  Sturgis, SD.  13th Annual Mayor's Ride.  A benefit ride for the Sturgis Volunteer Fire

                    Department that kicks off the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

201608xx - 201608xx.  Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, MT.  2015 Working on the Railroad.  A challenging motorcycle

                    adventure in managing the shipment of cargo between freight depots.  Scoring will reflect the value

                    of the freight and the depot to which it was delivered.

201608xx - 201608xx.  Somerset, PA - Arlington, VA - New York, NY.  America's 9/11 Ride.  An annual memorial

                    ride that visits the Flight 93 National Memorial in Somerset, PA, the Flight 77 National 9/11 Pentagon

                    Memorial in Arlington, VA, and the Flights 11 and 175 National 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial

                    in New York, NY, in remembrance of the heroes, volunteers, and victims who lost their lives on

                    and since September 11, 2001.

201608xx - 201608xx.  Salt Lake City, UT.  Menage-a-Trois Rally.  This is actually three rallies in one (hence

                    the name) hosted by the Motorcycle Endurance Rider Association (MERA), which sponsors a number

                    of premier long distance endurance rallies each year.   


September 2015


October 2015

20151009 - 20151010.  State College, PA / Murfressboro, TN / Moultrie, GA / Fredericksburg, VA.  The Void 10.

                   This photo bonus rally will roll three simultaneous 24+ hour rallies with one 10-hour mini rally.

20151023 - 20151024.  Marion, NC.  Escarpment Escape Rough Road Ride.  Two days of riding during peak

                    leaf season on mostly unpaved and state maintained secondary roads through the Pisgah National

                    Forest of North Carolina.


November 2015


December 2015



Sometimes while riding you find yourself in the middle of nowhere,

and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.

 ~ Unknown

Really Awesome ​​Rides.

Rides are the very heart and soul of motorcycling.  Some rides are spontaneous and some are planned.  Some of the best rides are those without a purpose or destination, where you just mount your bike and ride by yourself or with a loved one to somewhere or nowhere until it simply feels like its time to return home, or not.  Just like my bride often says, I don't know where we are going, but I know how to get there!  Other rides may have a specific destination, cause, or purpose, or perhaps are a bit more organized like self-directed rides, long distance rallies (the "rallies" listed on this page are those where you compete with other motorcyclists by earning points when visiting bonus locations you choose from a rally master's list and following other mischievous directions of sometimes very devious rally masters), or scavenger hunts (where bikers must perform certain tasks on the road or gather specified information or items, or take photos at specified locations, etc.).